Company vision and values are more than just a plaque on the wall: Help employees see the bigger picture

Do you find yourself dreading work on Monday morning, because of the repetitive grind and monotonous daily tasks? Do you ever ask yourself these questions: “Why am I doing this? How do my actions contribute to the overall success of the company? What’s the point?”

Don’t let this happen to your workforce. As an employer, you need to be aware that employees can get stuck in monotony and require more motivation outside of their daily tasks and individual goals in order to be engaged. In an organization, what creates the magnetic-like charge that brings people together to drive performance as a whole entity?

With respect to employee engagement, all organizational performance starts with clear and compelling vision and core values that underscore how that mission will be achieved. Engaged employees understand the big picture and how they fit into it. A clearly communicated vision and statement of core values give employees something to rally around.

If an employee feels like he or she is part of something bigger than themselves, they are more likely to be engaged and go above and beyond their tasks and individual goals. The monotonous daily grind suffered by many employees is more manageable if the company values and vision are constantly alive, communicated, and recognized. This act is only achieved through premeditated behaviors that are positively recognized for others to repeat, which goes beyond traditional plaques mounted on the wall – vision and values become alive through daily actions geared toward success

So, what’s the secret sauce to identifying and promoting company vision and values?

First, identify your current company values. If values do not exist, then consider the benefits of creating values and then take steps to make them effective. You should evaluate whether these values are right for your workplace, and then determine the behaviors necessary to make these values live within your organization.

At Achievers, our mission is to Change the Way the World Works. Our core values are:

  • Focus on Customer Happiness
  • Embrace Real-Time Communication
  • Care, Share & Be Fair
  • Act with a Sense of Ownership
  • Live passionately
  • Build a positive team spirit
  • Embrace R&D & Innovation
  • Learn from Failure & Celebrate success

Second, we live our vision and values every day. We communicate best practices to achieve the above core values in our everyday behaviors in the workplace, and then we recognize and reward these behaviors to promote repetition within the organization. For example, we like to recognize one value every day during our all company meeting to celebrate the positive behaviors associated with that value.

What is your company’s vision? What are some of core values that motivate you every day to succeed and be a part of something bigger than yourself?

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