Great results! 2 ways to optimize your employee recognition program

Hi A Advisor,

My company has just launched an employee recognition program that has had great initial success: my colleagues send recognitions for a job well done, it’s a dynamic platform for positive feedback and we’ve already seen an amazing transformation of our company culture. My priority now is to ensure that the company doesn’t slip back into its old culture and that we continue to see the benefits of our employee recognition program. We need to make sure that the recognitions help our organization reach its goals on an on-going basis. How can we continue to support our employee recognition program, avoid backsliding and advance our corporate goals? 

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Get in Line

Dear GiL,

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for implementing an employee recognition program and transforming your company culture! The next step from here is to reinforce the central values of your recognition program to continually realign your employees with your corporate goals. An effective recognition program can be a powerful educational tool, and one of the most effective ways to optimize your employee recognition program is to align recognition with the values or goals that your company would like to promote to drive business results. Use your recognition platform to facilitate on-going education and continue to integrate the benefits of employee recognition.

There are two primary ways to leverage your employee recognition program around your company’s goals:

Step One: Target the act of recognition around a well-defined set of values. When a recognition program specifies the values that are recognition-worthy, it strengthens the link between recognition and the culture of the organization. And when employees select from these values, the recognition reinforces behaviors in line with corporate values for employees sending and receiving the recognition. Each act of recognition can serve to deepen the employee’s engagement with corporate values.

Step Two: Incorporate specific initiatives into your recognition program. Whether your company is trying to increase sales, promote employee health, or improve the brand’s public reputation, a flexible employee recognition program can facilitate these goals. For example, use the employee recognition platform to offer an incentive for a sales goal, or hold a contest for creative branding strategies. Using your existing platform to launch initiatives takes advantage of a recognition platform that is already providing a foundation for your company culture.

Your recognition program is instrumental in defining, communicating, and reinforcing your company goals; using your program to educate your employees will continually integrate recognition into to your company culture and ensure the continued success of your program.



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