How to write compelling job descriptions to recruit Millenials

Do you ever get tired of reading mundane job descriptions? The inspiration for today’s post comes from an article by Software Advice blogger Jennifer King titled Six Ways to Sell a Millennial With Your Job Description, and it reaffirms the importance for employers to effectively “market” themselves to Millennials. Millennials are an organization’s future revenue generators, and employers should take proactive measures to recruit them before the competition sweeps them up. However, Millennials are a unique generation, so employers need to tailor their recruiting strategies to what attracts and motivates them.

As we learned from the Achievers Class of 2012 study results, a couple ways to attract and motivate Millennials include career growth opportunities and company culture, and these should be communicated in every part of the recruiting process, including the job description.

Unfortunately, many job descriptions are general and templated, and this is a missed opportunity for employers. Job descriptions allow companies to share what makes them unique and why someone wants to work there, so employers should infuse the company culture into the description.

Want some tips on how to write a job description that “sells” to Millennials? Check out the article to get some great tips to add to your recruiting toolkit.

What do you think is an important element to consider when recruiting Millennials?

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