Why you should adopt an employee favorites list

What’s your favorite aspect of employment at your organization? Is it the corporate culture, perks and benefits, or just the overall mission statement that fuels your fire to succeed? Furthermore, what gets your coworkers excited about coming to work each day?

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Beware the silent treatment: 3 essential approaches to your hiring process

Hey A Advisor,

I need your help improving my recruitment program. We only have a few positions to fill, and even though we’ve seen some great applications, we haven’t had much success in bringing those candidates into our organization. Our problem seems to be somewhere in the interview process: it can often take a week or so to have an application approved by our leadership team, and almost every time we become excited about a new candidate they’re no longer interested by the time we contact them. I don’t think that our interview process is unreasonably long, and we’re a desirable company to work for, so I’m not sure why these possible hires are so hard to bring into our company.

I hope you can shed some light on the situation!


Slipping Through My Fingers

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The anatomy of an engaged employee

Have you ever tried learning French from a Spanish teacher? It’s impossible, simply because people can’t teach you what they don’t know. Timothy Clark uses this analogy in his article, “The 5 Ways That Highly Engaged Employees are Different” to illustrate that in order to build employee engagement, you need to analyze and understand the characteristics of highly engaged employees.

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How the 3 “E”s will transform your organization

Towers Watson has been studying employee engagement, and the organizational elements that drive it, for more than a decade. Through their client work and global workforce studies they found engagement is just the beginning to get the optimal performance from your employees. Towers Watson suggests three essential factors to employee engagement; Engage your employees and help them be attached to the company’s well-being; Enable them, provide employees with a supportive and productive work environment; and Energize your employees with physical, social and emotional wellbeing at work.” http://www.towerswatson.com/assets/pdf/3848/Towers-Watson-EmployeeSurvey_power-of-three%281%29.pdf

You got a problem? 3 essential strategies

When it comes to employee engagement, David Zinger tells us that we should embrace problems: they are opportunities to get engaged in finding a solution and moving on to new problems with new solutions. Problems will always be there but we can approach them with a constructive, positive, and team-oriented attitude.

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Why you should recognize great ideas

Legendary organizations started from one great idea or vision. Corporate giants and start-ups alike prospered from unexplored ideas that shared one commonality: passion for innovation. Would Google be successful today without the great ideas like Gmail or Google maps that built their culture of innovation? A culture of innovation means that employees are committed to raising the bar and reaching new heights to be successful.

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Employee value propositions: Actions speak louder than words

Hi A-Advisor,

My company promotes its professional development opportunities and strong employee-manager relationships, among other employee value propositions. Most of the employees are in good spirits and the company is doing well; however, I have noticed a lack of employee engagement surrounding these values. My company sufficiently promotes employee value propositions for recruitment purposes, but I feel like these important values can sometimes lack in the day-to-day operations. How can my company avoid false advertising and ensure that employee value propositions are lived throughout the organization?

Thanks for your help,


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New research reveals the business case for employee recognition

Do you understand the power and ROI of “thank you” in the workplace? The latest research from Bersin & Associates  proves companies that say “thank you” to employees far outperform companies that do not.

The data comes from ”The State of Employee Recognition in 2012” report, revealing the secrets of employee recognition and the business results achieved from these programs. Additionally, Achievers alongside China Gorman released the results from the, “Achievers Intelligence: Insight Into Today’s Workforce,” which is a one-of-a-kind study revealing that CEOs and HR leaders have an inaccurate view of what employees want in the workplace in regards to recognition, feedback and  accessibility of leadership.

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Warning: Recruiters are back in full swing

“At this year’s Recruiting Innovation Summit six companies competed for a $10,000 grand prize for building cutting edge recruiting technology. This is a tell-tale sign that recruiters are back to work!  So what is your organization doing to keep their talent? With new recruiting technologies and an increasingly connected workforce, keeping your best performers is harder than ever. Create an environment where your employees feel recognized and valued or you may have to dead bolt the office door.”

Give before you take: 3 ways to win employee loyalty

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of loyalty is being faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution or product. In everyday life, loyalty is found in sports fans that cheer for their teams even when they’re losing or in a dog that never leaves its owner’s side.

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How compliance can stifle employee engagement

Do you ever wonder why the most engaged employees learn from mistakes, take risks, and come up with clever new ideas? Organizations empower these types of employees to make the right choices. Engaged employees are successful because they raise the bar and challenge processes with critical thinking. They thrive from self-discipline; yet, they can be stifled by compliance.

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All aboard! 5 tips for effective onboarding

Dear A Advisor,

I’m a brand-new employee in an HR department, and I already know what I’d like my first contribution to the business to be: to re-vamp our on-boarding process. I’m very enthusiastic about my new company, but I feel like my first weeks could have run more smoothly. I know this is a much-needed area of improvement—I just don’t know where to start! How can I improve my company’s on-boarding process so that people hired after me aren’t distracted or frustrated by the disorganization and can focus on their new position?

Thanks for your help!

Setting Sail

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3 strategies for an effective employee rewards program

“When it comes to running an effective business, one maxim holds true across all industries: happy employees are the best employees.” I read the opening line of this article and was instantly hooked in. What is the secret recipe for creating employee happiness? In an article from the Experience™ Recruiting Insights Blog, “The benefits of rewarding strong employee performance,” the author talks about the advantages of employee rewards programs. While there are several factors that affect employee happiness, employee recognition and rewards is a key component. Employee recognition fulfills employees’ inherent need to be valued and recognized which builds an engaged workforce. A rewards and recognition program is also an effective incentive to increase employee productivity and drive business results.

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How employee engagement affects the bottom line

“Did you know that employee engagement is no longer a competitive advantage but a basic organizational requirement to achieve business results? 71% of American workers are ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ in their work. This leaves 29% of American workers who are engaged or involved in and enthusiastic about their work. Implement a strong rewards and recognition program to boost productivity which will ultimately lead to increased profits and business results.” BX Business Week http://bx.businessweek.com/employee-engagement

Creativity: Good for your business and good for your employees

Once a month at Achievers, we have a lunch to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments called R&R (Rewards and Recognition). This lunch is a tradition: departments take turns hosting, and choose creative themes to go along with the awards ceremony. My department hosted recently, and we put a lot of work into organizing a ceremony that would include the entire company. We’ve hosted swanky awards ceremonies, game shows, reality television shows and lots of other creative themes during our lunches. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the real highlight of the show is. Is it the awards themselves? Or is it the show put on by our colleagues?

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Six strategic-thinking secrets to make you a better leader

Are great leaders born or made?

While there is sufficient evidence for both sides of this debate, the key take-away is for leaders to constantly focus on improvements and raise the bar. At Achievers, we foster a fast-paced and dynamic workplace where processes evolve based on business opportunities and our organization’s vision to be the global leader in rewards and recognition. The best leaders are able to adapt to constant changes, and strategic thinking is one of their most powerful tools.

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A personal touch: The key to successful new initiatives

Dear A Advisor,

My Human Resources department would like to instigate an exciting new initiative: our employees can choose a personal ‘Top One Goal’—for their finances, their health and wellness, or their other personal projects—and aim to reach that goal by the end of the year. I’m concerned about how to make our new initiative effective. We’ve already decided to offer prizes and incentives along the way, but I would really like to make sure that the program is fully integrated into our employee’s work life. How do I ensure that my colleagues get the support they need to fully utilize the program?

Thanks for your help!

Covering Our Bases

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The talent shortage epidemic: Why you must retain your employees

After five years of a slow and struggling economy, corporate restructuring and layoffs are commonplace. The current unemployment rate hovers at 8.2%, which translates into 12.7 million Americans looking for work. With such a large pool of available candidates, you would think that a talent shortage wouldn’t be an issue, right? Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong.

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The importance of building connections

“Imagine an organization that does not connect with their employees and is only concerned with your work output. This one sided environment is sure to leave employees disengaged and unmotivated. Connecting with your employees is key to building strong company culture and employee engagement. Make sure to take the time out of your work day to recognize your employees for a job well done!” Strategy Focused HR http://strategyfocusedhr.blogspot.ca/

Why employee recognition is such a hot topic

There is nothing we love more than sharing the positive impacts of employee engagement, which incorporates eight essential elements, including rewards and recognition.

So what’s the buzz about? The business world has significantly changed over the past five years, so recognition in the workplace is now more prevalent than ever. Stacia Garr, Bersin & Associates’ Principal Analyst, recently contributed a blog post around the buzz of employee recognition; she discusses the most relevant changes to the workplace and why recognition is key for business to succeed. There are five factors for businesses to consider that are positively impacted by recognition programs:

  1. Volatile Economy
  2. The Need for Greater Agility
  3. The Flattening of Organizational Hierarchies
  4. Novel Uses of Technology
  5. The Rise of the Millennial Generation in the Workforce

A recognition program adds value because it helps organizations seamlessly adapt to changes in today’s business world. With the shifting economy and the mandate for employees to over-perform and drive results, businesses need to positively manage employee progress by recognizing performance so that good behaviors are repeated.

Employee recognition is much more than a “thank you”; it’s the affirmation that employees are successful and a vital part of a prosperous organization.

In an era where every investment must prove itself, recognition programs need to make a larger impact. Bersin & Associates research shows that nearly 90% of organizations have some sort of recognition program in place.  Yet, many of these programs are initiatives that are neither connected to one another nor the needs of the business or employees.

Understand how employee recognition can power your business and drive results in conjunction with the five factors listed above. Register today and don’t miss next week’s webinar From Ad-Hoc to Value-Add:  Using Bersin & Associates’ Employee Recognition Framework to Create Strategic Recognition Programs.  

How could your organization benefit from a rewards and recognition program based on the five factors stated above?

Teamwork makes the dream work: Why individuality is the secret to team collaboration

Is there actually such thing as too much teamwork? More specifically, what happens when teams are full of extroverts with similar traits and critical thinking methods? This combination probably produces a team without the ability to change and adapt to new challenges. On the contrary, teams full of individuals with unique personalities are able to change course and adapt to methods necessary for success. It’s the individuals who make the team work.

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