The anatomy of an engaged employee

Have you ever tried learning French from a Spanish teacher? It’s impossible, simply because people can’t teach you what they don’t know. Timothy Clark uses this analogy in his article, “The 5 Ways That Highly Engaged Employees are Different” to illustrate that in order to build employee engagement, you need to analyze and understand the characteristics of highly engaged employees.

Based on his research, Clark confirmed 5 similar characteristics of engaged employees:

  1. They share responsibility for their own engagement – highly engaged employees take personal responsibility for their engagement, but they also expect their organization to play a support role such as providing a positive environment and interesting work.
  2. They feel the least entitled – they believe their high performance speaks for itself, that their organization will recognize their hard work.
  3. They engage customers –“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.” As I discussed in a previous post, your employees are your first customers because they drive customer happiness. Engaged employees are more aligned to customer’s needs which organically translates into customer loyalty and drives profitability.
  4. They remain highly engaged almost anywhere – their engagement sustains in all business environments; it is both a mindset and a skill set.
  5. They apply six behavioral drivers: connecting, shaping, learning, stretching, achieving, and contributing – these drivers allow them to sustain engagement long-term.

The takeaway is that engaged employees take an active role in their own engagement, but organizations also need to provide the necessary support and environment to make it possible. It is in every company’s best interest to have engaged employees because they drive high performance and positive business results.

What other characteristics would you add to the list? Share your comments below!


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