Employee value propositions: Actions speak louder than words

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My company promotes its professional development opportunities and strong employee-manager relationships, among other employee value propositions. Most of the employees are in good spirits and the company is doing well; however, I have noticed a lack of employee engagement surrounding these values. My company sufficiently promotes employee value propositions for recruitment purposes, but I feel like these important values can sometimes lack in the day-to-day operations. How can my company avoid false advertising and ensure that employee value propositions are lived throughout the organization?

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Employee value propositions are essential for recruiting top talent and setting employee expectations. In order to retain top talent and foster an engaged workforce, companies must evaluate and ensure that employee value propositions are lived throughout the employee experience and not just through recruiting.

In order to set expectations based on employee value propositions, your company should take a top-down approach and hold leadership accountable through daily actions. Companies like to talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?  Your company’s value proposition is a vital tool for employee engagement, so the messaging should be executed to the fullest and deliver on what is promised. If your leadership takes progressive action with employee value propositions, then the rest of the organization is likely to notice and become more engaged.


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