A personal touch: The key to successful new initiatives

Dear A Advisor,

My Human Resources department would like to instigate an exciting new initiative: our employees can choose a personal ‘Top One Goal’—for their finances, their health and wellness, or their other personal projects—and aim to reach that goal by the end of the year. I’m concerned about how to make our new initiative effective. We’ve already decided to offer prizes and incentives along the way, but I would really like to make sure that the program is fully integrated into our employee’s work life. How do I ensure that my colleagues get the support they need to fully utilize the program?

Thanks for your help!

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Dear COB,

Your new Top One program is an excellent way to help your colleagues feel that their employer supports their personal development as well as their professional development. A good work-life balance has direct correlations to an employee’s pride in and commitment to their organization; it is a central element to employee retention, employee engagement and job satisfaction.

If I have one piece of advice to ensure the success of your new initiative, it is to make it personal. We would all rather make an effort for a friend than for a stranger, so a personal, friendly representative in charge of your new initiative can facilitate the success of your new program. Appointing an approachable, responsible ambassador can heighten the personal element of your new initiative and, therefore, support its success.

We recently explored the importance of a Culture Chief, a primary cultural ambassador, to the success of any company culture strategy: appointing a Culture Chief ensures that a healthy company culture remains a top priority. Your new Top One program gives your employees the opportunity to make their personal goals part of their professional life, and appointing an ambassador for your program solidifies the work-life balance in your company culture.


The A Advisor


The A Advisor wants to help you with your employee-engagement questions or concerns! How do you ensure the success of your new initiatives? Do you have any more suggestions for COB? Let us know or ask some more questions in the comments.


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