Why you should adopt an employee favorites list

What’s your favorite aspect of employment at your organization? Is it the corporate culture, perks and benefits, or just the overall mission statement that fuels your fire to succeed? Furthermore, what gets your coworkers excited about coming to work each day?

Most employees have different opinions about why their workplace is great; yet, they are unaware of how their opinion compares to others at the organization.

Companies disregard that this assorted positive feedback can increase employee engagement and happiness. Happy employees are likely to encourage other coworkers; so it’s important to spread the love and publish employees’ favorite reasons that make your company a top employer.

At Achievers, we’ve published a massive 100 reason list on why it’s great to work at Achievers. We ask every employee to help make this list each year, so you can bet these reasons are part of our success as an organization.

Here are the top five reasons (in no particular order) why it’s great to work at Achievers:

  1. Great People. Achievers are passionate about what they do and *who they do it with*. Their energy is infectious, their commitment is unwavering and their potential is limitless. We believe that great people build great companies, and that’s why we’re A-Player obsessed.
  2.  Career Advancement & Opportunity. We’re a company of a 100+ going on 1,000+ and as we grow, we’re promoting from within. If you’re a rock star, it won’t be long before you start moving up – we promote based on performance not tenure.
  3. Commitment to Professional Development. We hire A–Players and then we make sure they have the tools, education and resources necessary to stay at the top of their game.
  4. Rewards & Recognition. We practice what we preach and make “Achievers: The world’s greatest rewards and recognition program” available to all employees.
  5. Amazing Benefits. Our health insurance and benefits are in the top 10 % of all plans. We want our people to be happy and healthy.

We value this favorites list because it’s 100% employee generated. Happy employees are more engaged and exhibit the right behaviors to drive successful results.

What do you like best about working for your organization? What is the most attractive reason listed above on our top five list?


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