3 tips to engage your entire workforce with an online program

Dear A Advisor,

My workplace has employees from all walks of life, and many of these employees have very little experience using computers. We’re bringing in a recognition program and we’re really excited by its interactive, online platform that is going to make the program very compelling for our younger employees. How do we make sure that this online program stays relevant for staff members who have not grown up with computers?


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Hi DoA,

We put a lot of effort into making recognition technology compelling to a tech-savvy audience, but it can sometimes be more difficult for people who haven’t grown up with computers to truly engage with an online platform.

There are several ways to make an online platform appealing to non tech-savvy employees, and all of them revolve around making the program accessible and flexible so that it can accommodate a variety of needs. Here are three tips to keep in mind when you’re engaging the less-than-savvy tech user:

  1. Make your platform intuitive. Technologies can be intimidating, and people who aren’t used to using online platforms may become discouraged if the platform is not user friendly. If you make login, workflows and system navigation as easy as possible, it helps to ensure that your employees aren’t discouraged and are more likely to use your program.
  2. Complement the online program with non-electronic recognition. A thank you or recognition card is an immediate and accessible way to recognize all employees, and is particularly suited to employees who are not likely to log into their program to look at their recognitions. Tie the physical recognition cards back to the platform; provide a code that members can enter to see a recognition.
  3. Make the rewards flexible and meaningful to a wide range of employees. If your recognition program hosts a catalog, provide a wide range of items that will appeal to all your employees, regardless of age, interests, or background. Being able to choose meaningful incentives will encourage your employees to work for rewards that they themselves have chosen.

A recognition program that supports non tech-savvy employees just requires a bit of finesse and flexibility. An accessible program will keep your entire diverse workforce engaged.


The A Advisor

Do you have a recognition program that caters to a diverse workforce? How do you cater to different needs and wants amongst your employees? Let us know in the comments!


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