5 tips to inspire and retain your workforce: Create a culture of recognition

How do you inspire top talent? According to Gallup, 71% of American workers are not engaged in their current positions – so there is a clear need to repair the employer and employee relationship.

One way to tackle this problem is to create a culture of recognition (where employee accomplishments are recognized and attributed to business results) to inspire your workforce to do their best work every day. According to Achievers Intelligence: Insight Into Today’s Workforce, a one-of-a-kind study revealing what employees want in the workplace in regards to recognition, over 20% of employees either disagreed or strongly disagreed that their company culture is positive, strong, and motivating.

Strong cultures of recognition will inspire greater discretionary effort and provide a platform for inspiring employees. Greater discretionary effort will deliver results geared towards the organization’s bottom line, and inspired employees are more likely to remain loyal because they are engaged.

Here are Five Tips to Inspire and Retain your Workforce:

  1. Provide frequent, constructive feedback
  2. Recognize specific behaviors that drive desired results
  3. Encourage employees to set their own metrics with managers; empower your top talent to hold themselves accountable to achieve desired results
  4. Give employees the option to choose their own meaningful rewards, as tangible and intangible rewards carry different value to people
  5. Invest in public recognition and display a “leader board” to instill a healthy level of competition in the office; employees will be inspired by their successful coworkers and aspire to do the same

Building a culture of recognition is crucial to cultivating an engaged workforce, and inspiring top talent is critical to retention. According to Lloyd’s Risk Index 2011, 500 C-Suite and board member executives from around the world determined that talent/skills shortages is the number two business risk facing global organizations today (the top risk is loss of customers). It is important for organizations to invest in keeping their top talent, as it is far more cost effective than having to tap into the shrinking, expensive and less skilled talent pools.

Why do you think it is important to inspire employees to do their best work every day? What is your favorite tip listed above and why?

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