Equal opportunity feedback: Incorporating meaningful recognition from customer recommendations

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My company has a very large customer service department and their hard work and dedication really shines through in the positive feedback that they receive from customers. I feel like all of this hard work is rarely represented on our online recognition platform; it’s feedback from customers who do not have access to the platform. Is there a way that I can leverage the recognition platform so that it can account for all the hard work in our customer service department?

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Hi there, StL,

One of the biggest challenges in recognition is equally facilitating the engagement of employees in varied positions across an organization.

A flexible recognition platform should allow you to incorporate many different kinds of recognition. Whether various kinds of recognition show up on your program newsfeed, or are incorporated into statistics and leaderboards, there are a variety of ways to make different kinds of recognition meaningful for your varied staff. For your customer service department, try enabling a customer feedback module where customers can contribute their own commendations.

Allowing your customer service employees to incorporate customer feedback into your recognition platform will facilitate their engagement with your recognition program. They will be able to share some of the most meaningful recognition that they receive in their role with the company as a whole.


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Do you have suggestions to incorporate varied types of recognition into your recognition platform?

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