Growth companies: 3 tips for employee engagement

Dear A Advisor,

I’m a business owner and I’m very happy that I’ll be able to substantially increase my employee base beginning next year. My current staff have a very high level of engagement, but I know that with growth culture can change. I want to ensure that my new hires can become as engaged as my pre-existing staff. How can I preserve the great culture of my company as it grows?

Thanks for your help!

Growing Pains

Dear GP,

Congratulations on the growth of your business!

As a business grows, it becomes harder to keep the sense of engagement and passion that existed when your staff was a smaller group. But there are ways to scale your culture so that you keep the momentum of your original group while encompassing your new staff.

  1. Reinforce the rituals of your company culture. Whatever special culture related rituals you are used to doing, make a special effort to preserve them, continue them, and keep them relevant. Try publishing a culture handbook for new employees where you list and describe your employee’s favorite aspects of your culture. Introduce new employees to the organic culture that already exists.
  2. Re-establish your company values. Every business should align organizational behavior to core values and corporate goals and keep them relevant. As your business grows it will become even more important to adapt your growing company to the larger and larger scope of your company’s goals. Identify your goals and values—remind your old and new employees what they’re working for as the company grows.
  3. Solicit feedback from employees. Your new hires will bring their own unique perspectives to your team and will be part of your company’s growth. Keeping your culture alive will be an on-going process of negotiation between the past, present and future of your business. Ask your old and new employees to give direct feedback about what they’d like to see as part of their workplace culture, and make sure they know that you’ve heard them.

A growing company will face new challenges as the business changes and incorporates new staff. Bringing in an official and explicit process to preserve and develop your company culture will help you grow into a workplace that engages employees effectively.


The A Advisor

Are you in a growing business? How do you keep your employees engaged in the face of rapid change?

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