A lesson from co-founder and CEO of Wayfair.com

Adam Bryant, specialist on the challenges of leading and managing, recently conducted an interview with Niraj Shah, co-founder and CEO of Wayfair.com. Shah drew upon his experiences leading the largest online retailer of home furnished in the US, to speak on the importance of recognition:

“One thing I’ve learned over time is that it’s important to take a minute and celebrate a win before you move on to the next thing you want to accomplish. One of our values at Wayfair is that we are never done. That speaks to the idea of being tenacious — there is good, but you can do it even better. But you have to celebrate wins and let everyone who worked hard on something know that they were successful and that you’re proud of the team. When I was younger, I would just skip right over that. But now I understand that recognition is very important.”


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