Take back your vacation days!

Have you seen the awkward yet equally comical commercial about “taking back vacation days?” Even though the commercial advertises Las Vegas, the overall message is worth repeating: employees should take their vacation days, and employers need to encourage it too!

According to a recent survey from Careerbuilder, only 65% of American workers have already taken or plan to take vacation this year. While it is encouraging that more than half of workers take time off, there is still room for improvement. Additionally, the study found that many employees are opting out of vacation because they can’t afford it. Economic issues aside, employers should encourage vacation even if it means employees stay close to home.  According to the report, 35% of workers stayed home or are planning to stay home this year, so “staycations” are a popular option.

Of course, both sides will resist vacation in some capacity. In addition to financial reasons, employees fear taking time off because projects or work may slip when they are gone, and they also dread the amount of catch-up work upon their return. Employers are not concerned about unused vacation time because it means employees are at their desks producing work for the organization.

But it’s time for both sides to understand the bigger picture. Workers who take vacation are less likely to burn out and are more likely to maintain productivity levels, which is beneficial to the organization. Vacation time also allows workers to unplug from their work and take a mental break. Time off helps refresh employees’ energy and creativity levels, which organically translates into their work.

Bottom line:

Employers – encourage your employees to take vacation. They will be happier and more productive in their jobs, and your organization will reap the benefits of engaged workers.

Employees – stop and smell the roses. It is okay to let yourself enjoy some time off. Your body and mind will thank you. It will also help you be more efficient in your job and ultimately allow you to better enjoy the work you do.

How do vacation days positively impact your work and productivity?

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