3 tips to learn from failure & celebrate success

Dear A Advisor,

My sales team has been working very hard on a big contract that was in our pipeline. When the sale didn’t go through, they were all very disappointed. I don’t want them to get stuck in a rut: the sale prospect really made the team grow and come together and I’d really like them to keep improving.

How can I keep the preserve the positive effects of my team’s work and mitigate the negative effects of their disappointment?

Thanks for your help!

Keep Trucking

Dear KT,

Disappointments are part of everyone’s professional life, especially when your team puts their heart and soul into their work. But mistakes and disappointments are also opportunities to extract success from failure and learn how to succeed in the future. There are concrete steps that you can take as a leader to bolster your team’s confidence, help them learn from the past and move forward.

  1. Debrief and celebrate. Have a meeting as a team to go over the project from start to finish. Bring out the positive, innovative and effective approaches that your team took to the project—and celebrate your team’s successes. This will reinforce positive behaviors and highlight a defined set of strong skills to bring forward.
  2. Set a new goal. Keep your team moving forward by putting the next step in their team development in their line of sight so that they don’t dwell on the negative experience of the lost opportunity. Defining the expectations and parameters of future projects will motivate your team to move forward.
  3. Encourage recognition. The support and recognition of peers is a powerful motivator at any time, especially when your team may need a little extra support. Recognizing positive behaviors and exceptional effort will mitigate the feelings of loss and strengthen your team’s confidence in their abilities. When this kind of support comes directly from peers, it can develop trust and respect amongst team members, strengthening the effectiveness of the entire team.

Keeping your team motivated in the face of disappointments requires dedication. Use these tips to tread the balance between acknowledging their hard work and moving on to the next task at hand.

Best of Luck!

The A Advisor

How do you keep your team motivated in the face of disappointment?

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