10 qualities of a “magnetic manager”

Like many people across the globe, I was glued to my TV for two weeks watching the Summer Olympics. Not only am I impressed by the Olympic talent, I’m also impressed by the coaches that trained them. It takes years to prepare for the games, and it’s admirable how these coaches inspire and challenge athletes to reach their greatest potential. They are the best coaches in the world because they are brilliant at leading their teams to success.

In the workplace, this type of leadership is displayed through great management. They inspire, motivate and lead employees to drive results, in addition to boosting employee retention. As I wrote in a previous post, when employees have a great relationship with their manager, there is a social cost to leaving.  Employees who are emotionally tied to their manager and company are less likely to be poached or coaxed with more money.

So what makes a great or “magnetic” manager?

Mel Kleiman’s recent article, “Hiring Wisdom: The Ten Commandments of Magnetic Managers,” lists the top ten qualities, and here’s our take on each:

  1. Thou shalt manage people the way they want to be managed. Do your employees like autonomy? Do they like to have frequent check-ins? Find out what makes them tick and perform at their best.
  2. Thou shalt not fail to be generous with recognition. This one is simple. Frequently recognize employees for their efforts, accomplishments and achievements. This meets the need of feeling valued and rewarded.
  3. Thou shalt communicate. Be transparent and communicate frequently so everyone is aligned.
  4. Though shalt insist on accountability. Great managers hold employees accountable to hit their goals and meet and exceed expectations
  5. Thou shalt fail fast, learn fast, and fix fast. One of Achievers’ company values is to “Learn from Failure and Celebrate Success.”  As we say, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Failure is not the opposite of success; it is on the road to it. Fail fast, improve and you ultimately persevere.”
  6. Thou shalt never settle for mediocrity. Set expectations and challenge employees to reach their highest potential.
  7. Thou shalt teach your people how to manage you. Do you have an open door policy or prefer scheduled meetings? Collaborate with employees so you work at your optimal level.
  8. Thou shalt not ever shoot the messenger. Don’t live in the “manager bubble.” Ask questions and encourage employees to keep you abreast of both the good and bad news. It’s better if you are aware and can address any issues early on.
  9. Thou shalt be a mentor. Schedule frequent 1:1 meetings with employees to ensure you provide them the necessary guidance and resources to be successful. You can also discuss career progression goals and plan to support their professional growth
  10. Thou shalt remember to make work fun. Because if employees are not having fun and enjoying their work, how long do you think they are going to stick around?

What qualities of a “magnetic manager” would you add to the list?

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