Is summertime good or bad for productivity?

Summer vacation is on my mind a lot, but it’s not what you think. Instead of dreaming about escaping to a tropical island (which I admit, I still do from time to time), I’m actually interested in research on how summertime impacts business productivity. I wrote a previous post about “Why Leaving Work Early is Good for Business”, and “Taking Back Vacation Days,” so I had to investigate the latest article titled “Summer: To Chill Out or Work Harder?” I wanted to know: is summer good or bad for employee productivity? Does vacation or a flexible seasonal schedule boost productivity? What is the latest research or expert opinion on the topic?

Alas, there is still not a definitive answer for this million-dollar question. In fact, the article analyzes two studies representing the opposite ends of the spectrum. The findings prove there is more research to be completed on this topic.

1) Good For Business:
U.S. News & World Reports’ Lindsay Olsen cites a survey from Opinion Research Corporation for AOC Marketing Research.  The survey found that sixty-six percent of workers with summer schedules say that it equals greater productivity.

2) Bad For Business:
Business Insider recently reported on a Captive Network survey of 600 white-collar American workers that found productivity drops 20% during the summer. In regards to flexible schedules, 53 percent of workers who get an early start to the weekend reported a dip in productivity.

Just like there is conflicting research on its benefits and setbacks, employers are also conflicted about how to approach and place policies around the summertime issue. The reality is that companies don’t want to decrease worker productivity during the summer months, so they need to find the best solution for their employees. If you’re looking for inspiration for productive business projects in the summertime, this article featuring advice from 12 founders of the Young Entrepreneurs Council is too good not to share (via

How does your workplace maintain worker productivity in the summer? Do you believe that vacation or flexible scheduling increases or decreases productivity?


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