Why companies need a tough interview process

The ability to recruit top talent is a key determinant of business success. That is why companies invest time and resources into attracting candidates and then administering a tough interview process designed to uncover the top performers. As a result, the interview process has become increasingly more challenging for job seekers. Whether they include a panel, situational questions, or live presentations, interviews are designed to help companies learn more about applicants, their skill sets and cultural compatibility and, ultimately, identify the perfect match for the position.

Ever wondered what companies have the toughest interview process?

Glassdoor recently released its list of the “Top 25 Most Difficult Companies to Interview,” based on more than 80,000 interview ratings from recent job candidates. Kelly Eggers from the Wall Street Journal features the full list in her article here.

One interesting find is that a tough interview process has benefits for applicants. Eggers writes that while a challenging interview might scare some job seekers, most employees say that receiving the job offer made the difficult hiring process worth it.

According to Scott Dobroski, a spokesman for Glassdoor, the difficult interview process is worth the sizable paychecks, challenging work and generally enticing workplace culture. Additionally, the majority of employees that land jobs at these companies report that they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” on the job. One might suggest there is a correlation between tough interview processes and happier new hires. Regardless, a tough interview process helps companies weed out and recruit the best candidates.

At Achievers, our company’s top priority is to recruit, retain and inspire great people. That means that our recruiting process is rigorous but fair. For example, when applicants advance to the final step, they go through a Topgrade interview. This is where applicants provide a thorough description of their successes, failures and important decisions in their career so we can identify patterns of success. This helps identify the top 10% of performers and helps pinpoint the ideal candidate for the job.

What is your experience with tough interview processes? How do you think it helps companies identify top candidates?

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