ACE 2012: Thursday keynote sessions and evening entertainment

The countdown stops here! Drumroll please…

It’s time for the Achievers Customer Experience (ACE 2012) to begin; registration is already underway and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our guests.

It’s hard to pinpoint our favorite things about Thursday’s ACE 2012 agenda, but we wanted to showcase two aspects that highlight the ways we educate, engage, and entertain at our biggest event of the year:

  1. Keynote Speakers:

We look forward to two Thursday keynotes from industry experts and thought leaders. Listening to such experts helps companies learn best practices to drive results and reach business goals faster. Attendees will better understand how to connect their workforce with their organization.

The Opening Keynote, Recognition Connects, by Razor Suleman, Founder & Chairman of Achievers, celebrates the company’s 10 year anniversary by highlighting the major milestones and customer successes experienced over the years. The Lunch Keynote, Driving Agility: The Truths and Myths That Make a Difference, by Josh Bersin, President & CEO of Bersin & Associates, reveals new talent strategies that drive agility, global strength, and employee engagement.

  1. Thursday Evening Event:

We heavily anticipate this evening’s entertainment event: Iron Chef ACE 2012. Whether novice or pro, we invite our attendees to attend the ultimate culinary battle. At the Achievers Iron Chef event, three chosen contenders will embark on a fast-paced culinary adventure. This will be a foodie experience to remember. We can’t wait to recognize the first ever Achievers Iron Chef – check back tomorrow for the winner announcement!

We look forward to the first day of ACE 2012, especially because first time attendees will learn more about recognition and how it drives employee engagement. Furthermore, this event aims to help companies transform their workplace with recognition.

Be sure to check out the social media buzz and join the conversation with the ACE 2012 hashcaster site, that way you don’t miss a minute of the #AACE12 action.

What do you think makes the most compelling keynote speech? What engages you as an event attendee?



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