ACE 2012 week: Spotlight on valuable best practices

Welcome to day two of ACE 2012 Week! Achievers is buzzing with anticipation as we prepare to execute our annual Achievers Customer Experience (ACE 2012) event this Thursday and Friday at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario.

What makes ACE 2012 so Amazing? There are many reasons, but our favorite is creating a forum for our customers, prospects, industry thought leaders and business community to share valuable best practices.

During ACE, we share and highlight proven best practices during the breakout sessions and workshops.. Recognition topics covered include:  retention, coaching, performance management, productivity, corporate culture and much more. Check out the agenda for details.

For example, during the workshop Decentralized Organizations – How to Make Culture work, attendees can look forward to discussions around recognition and employee engagement. Specifically, attendees will understand the challenges of having a decentralized organization and how a recognition program can unite your company. The workshop will showcase the significance of consistency within recognition and culture. Most importantly, companies will share best practices that can be immediately applied to everyday business problems.

Showcasing proven best practices is just one of many reasons why people love ACE 2012; every attendee is given the opportunity to learn something valuable. If you’re an ACE 2012 attendee, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

What do you like most about the ACE 2012 agenda? Do you think sharing best practices is valuable?

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