How transparent business goals keep culture alive

culture_managementJohn Reh from recently wrote about the intricacies of company culture. Company culture has the potential to make or break a company, especially for growing organizations that rely on scalability.

Make sure that you’ve aligned your organization for scalable success by fostering a strong corporate culture. Review your company’s mission, vision and values to make sure your culture is designed to support them.

John Reh put together some characteristics of company cultures that others have used successfully. Decide which work for your company and implement them.

  • Mission clarity
  • Employee commitment
  • Fully empowered employees
  • High integrity workplace
  • Strong trust relationships
  • Highly effective leadership
  • Effective systems and processes
  • Customer-focused
  • Effective 360-degree communications
  • Commitment to learning and skill development
  • Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding employees
  • High degree of adaptability
  • High accountability standards
  • Demonstrated support for innovation

How does your company ensure that your culture is aligned with your strategic goals?

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