Social media buzz, Passport to ACE, and Iron Chef winner

Our number one priority at the Achievers Customer Experience (ACE 2012) event is to educate, engage, and entertain our guests. With day one behind us, we can’t wait to carry the excitement through day two.

We had a record number of registered guests with a packed opening keynote, interactive breakout sessions, and lively Iron Chef ACE 2012 evening event. Our audience was engaged, provided real-time feedback through social media, and took advantage of networking opportunities.

Specifically, every guest received a “Passport to ACE” at check-in.

This passport asked you to collect stickers, through six different actions designed to educate, engage, and entertain:

  1. Tweet about ACE using #AACE12
  2. Visit ACE Product Kiosks
  3. Make a donation to help Weekend to End Women’s Cancer Walk
  4. Meet one of our Leadership Team Members
  5. Stop by our video area and give a testimonial
  6. Take a photo of you and a new friend

Best of all, the passports provided guests with interactive opportunities between the scheduled agenda. And, there were even some guests that starting using Twitter for the first time! We couldn’t get enough of the social media buzz throughout the day; here are some of our favorite tweets:

@lruettimann: We really do have two workforces: agile knowledge workers and people who do the work of servicing the agile workers. #aace12

@TheKevinEller: First breakout session of the day, Recognition IS good for business. #AACE12” love it!

@caliressler: In #Toronto for #AACE12 w/ @Achievers – will barely sleep tonight. Tomorrow’s excitement can’t come fast enough!

@lindazakkak: This is amazing- Learning lots! #AACE12

We’d also like to congratulate our three Iron Chef ACE 2012 Cooking Contenders for putting on quite the competition last night. All three of you are winners; but only one could take the title. Congratulations, Marc!

What was your favorite aspect of day one of ACE 2012?



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