Employee Success = Business Success (and our new blog)

employee_successWelcome to Employee Success! At Achievers we’re changing the way the world works, so we thought we’d change the way our blog works, too.

So what is Employee Success?

In the broad sense, Employee Success is the product of performance and engagement. It’s the Promised Land, the perfect win-win scenario: your employees love their jobs, and their hard work helps your business succeed. Everyone is happy. But it’s no pipe dream—it’s the end result of engagement, recognition, talent management, culture, and all those other intangibles that keep us coming to work and inspire us to do our best. Successful employees enjoy what they do, work hard, and provide measurable value to the company. Employee Success = Business Success.

More specifically, the Employee Success blog is intended to be a resource for HR professionals. Looking for tools and tips for achieving Employee Success in the workplace? At Achievers, we spend our time researching and implementing tools to make work, well, work, and we’re here to share them with you.

The new blog will focus on 3 broad themes:

  • Employee Success
  • HR Trends & Analyst Findings
  • Achievers Exclusives

Employee Success

As the name indicates, we will share guides and best practices for employee recognition, retention, culture, performance management, and everything else affecting Employee Success.

HR Trends & Analyst Findings

Keep tabs on the industry with new studies, research, and the latest data to keep you ahead of the curve.

Achievers Exclusives

This is our blog, so we’ll also include posts on all of the interesting things we’re up to. Be the first to know about upcoming events, webinars, and product releases from Achievers.

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