Ask Amelia: How do you get managers engaged?

ask_achieversDear Amelia, I know managers play a key role in employees’ engagement, but how do you keep managers engaged?

I find one of the best ways to keep your leaders at all levels engaged in your organization is to show them the “what’s in it for me.” So I coach leaders to find connecting points; connect leaders around the organizational goals and connect teams and then individuals into those goals. Then praise, praise, praise!

Celebrate milestones as the team approaches those organizational goals. When you share in celebrating even small wins, everyone feels the success and wants more of it. It’s simply contagious—and soon you find peers and leaders engaging each other and winning together.

When the whole team is on the same page and invested in company goals, then the “what’s in it for me” is all about achieving more, better, faster. It frees leaders up to lead and coach—which is at the heart of a leader’s role.


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