[Infographic] Recognition to the rescue!

NEWS ALERT! An evil villain is roaming our workplaces. Employees are fleeing in droves as this evil-doer pilfers profits and steal souls. Who is this masked marauder? Why, none other than the longtime foe of productive workplaces everywhere: DISENGAGEMENT. But never fear—a hero is waiting in the wings! Recognition is the super hero today’s workplaces need. Let us join forces and do battle, starting now!

Comic book villain or not, disengagement is a real threat. A Gallup study found disengagement costs $300 billion in lost productivity every year. That’s nearly eight thousand times more than actual bank robbers stole throughout the U.S. in 2011. Plus, 71% percent of Americans are not engaged in their current positions—and probably spending their days dreaming about robbing banks. (We don’t recommend it. It doesn’t pay as much as you think.)

Many companies are working to combat disengagement. Companies spend $47 billion annually on employee rewards, but there is definite room for improvement. Unstructured and inconsistent recognition is a waste of company funds, but budget invested the right way leads to reduced turnover and increased productivity. It may not wear spandex and a cape, but recognition is the best weapon we have to make the workplace safer for everyone.  By teaming up and helping recognition do its thing, we can all do our part to make the workplace a more welcome place.

Check out our infographic for more info on the threat of disengagement and how recognition can come to your rescue.