March Madness: 6 lessons from NCAA coaches to lead your team to success

coachingMarch Madness comes around once a year, often leading to office pools, water cooler discussions of colleges you may not have heard of, and long and oddly timed lunch breaks. With the championship game coming up, harness some of the lessons of NCAA basketball’s unsung all-stars: the coaches.

Your team may not be made up of 20 college athletes, but the best leaders in any arena share a few common elements to achieving success.

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5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of March 29th, 2013

work_life_balanceComing off the momentum of Sheryl Sandberg’s book launch many discussions have been started about work life balance; how does one obtain it, does it actually exist, and how does it relate differently for men versus women in the workforce. The articles I collected this week touch upon the different perspectives around work life balance, so enjoy the read and let us know what your final say is on the topic.

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Harvard Business Review reveals the bright side to negative feedback

industry_headlinesPositive feedback and recognition clearly amplify key behaviors that drive results. But what happens when you are faced with employee behavior that misses the mark? With talent scarcity on the rise, your organization cannot afford to replace all the underperformers and rehire, retrain, and recover from loss of revenue. Instead, you should help these employees reach their full potential and maximize your investment.

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[Storify] #A_Chat Wrap Up: March 27th, 2013


Below is a collection of tweets from the March 27th, 2013 webinar with David Brennan, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of Achievers.  Thank you for all who listened to the webinar and those who connected with the #A_Chat community on Twitter.

Achievers is now on SlideShare

Big news! Achievers is now on SlideShare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. If you’re already active on SlideShare, follow us! And if you’re not, check it out—we think you’ll love it. It’s a great way to share content in a way that’s easy to access, visually interesting, and succinct. Flip through a few of our first presentations below, and don’t forget to follow us for the latest in on-demand thought leadership.

Employee Success starts with Achievers

[Webinar recap] How to unlock the key to your employees’ success

webinarsToday’s fast-paced business world is challenging to navigate, but we can all agree on one thing: employee turnover is unfavorable. Rehiring, retraining, and recovering from loss of revenue is not optimal for HR or your company’s bottom line.

First of all, employees don’t leave companies—they leave managers. In fact, 40 percent of disengaged employees said they were likely to leave their employer in the next two years, compared to only 18 percent of highly engaged respondents.

Most importantly, highly engaged employees are less likely to leave their employer than disengaged employees because leadership is the primary driver of engagement. Best-in-class companies require strong talent, but high-performing leaders are the catalysts to driving engagement and inspiring brilliant employee performance.

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Insight: HR Technology & talent management trends

hr_trends_and_analyst_findingsWith rapid changes in technology and human resources, it can be hard to imagine what tomorrow looks like, let alone a year from tomorrow. We tapped into our network to find out what industry leaders predict human capital management will look like in the year to come, and want to pass on that knowledge to you.

As Steve Boese of HR Technology Conference & Expo points out, the future often ends up looking nothing like the present, so the best way to prepare is to make investments in technology that enables us to do more, instead of strictly calculating costs. But that is often easier said than done.

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Come say hello! Achievers is coming to a town near you.

eventsWe’ve been hitting the road a lot lately, speaking at conferences and spreading the word about recognition. We’ve been driving the conversation about using recognition to increase engagement in the workplace and showing off Achievers software in action. If you are planning on being at any of this month’s upcoming events, stop by and say hi! We’d love to hear from you.

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Ask Amelia: Tips for recruiting A-players?

ask_achieversWe want to fill our open positions with people who will really move the business forward, a.k.a. A-players, but it seems you can only learn so much in the interview process. What tips do you have for recruiting the right candidates?

Great question! We all want to move the business forward and need the most capable talent to do it. First, ask yourself what business are you in and what does moving forward really look like?

For instance, if you need a change agent, then you are looking for someone that exhibits behaviors that can drive results AND influence people. This combination works well for creating and delivering change. If you need top line growth, then you need someone that exhibits an action orientation and can show self-motivation.

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[Webinar] How to secure executive buy-in for recognition programs

employee_recognitionWhen it comes to implementing recognition programs that positively impact business results, although there are multiple decision makers, the most important work within the C-suite.  In order to get your recognition program off the ground, you must secure executive buy-in by communicating the business benefits in language your C-suite understands. How do you translate “employee engagement” to increased shareholder return and profitability? We’ve got the perfect place to start.

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5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of March 15th, 2013

industry_headlinesThis week we are focusing on leaders, the impact they have on an organization, and their ultimate impact on business success or failure. The collection of articles below will provide you with insight on how to become a better leader, discuss the impact a leader has at an organization and the elements that make a good leader great.

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[Webinar] Leverage high performing leaders to drive your employees’ success

webinarsDid you know that 19 million Americans plan to leave their jobs in 2013?

According to World at Work, if an employee is dissatisfied with his/her manager, there is an 80 percent chance he/she is disengaged. This puts a lot of pressure on your management team, since disengagement causes misalignment and mediocre performance among employees, on top of increasing turnover.

More importantly, engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave their organization1.

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Six tips to create star teams out of star players [UPDATED]

webinarsThe 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team, nicknamed the “Dream Team”, was described by American journalists as the greatest sports team ever assembled. Essentially, the team took home the gold medal because they stood together for an all-important common goal: to represent the United States and perform as one team—not as individual players. The secret was behind recognizing team performance and aligning star players to one goal.

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Ask Amelia: How do we integrate employee recognition into our traditional culture?

ask_achieversHi Amelia, I work for a large investment bank. How could we integrate employee recognition into our traditional, hierarchy-based culture?

There is no time like the present to incorporate online thank yous into a traditional metrics-based culture. As an example, some of the most critical—and thankless—roles are in the backend office of the investment institution. Those employees that make deals move and help sell in the market are typically starving for recognition, even though they are the glue of the bank. They make the deal move and the sell happen!

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Ask Amelia: Any inexpensive ideas for celebrating Employee Appreciation Week?

employee_engagementIt’s Employee Appreciation Week! What are some last-minute and inexpensive ways to let our employees know we care?

You’re right—Employee Appreciation Week is here! This is a chance to let your employees know that their hard work is not only appreciated but has a significant impact on the company. A company’s success is dependent on their employees so let them know you are grateful to have them on your team. Letting employees know they are appreciated does NOT need to break the bank. Sometimes we forget that a simple “THANK YOU” goes a long way.

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Achievers’ new release provides smart tools for smart companies

After months of development, Achievers is proud to announce our new suite of data-driven reports and analytics. We believe that everything should be made as simple as possible, so we crafted this release to provide the maximum amount of information with the simplest possible interface. Not to brag, but we think we succeeded.

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5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of March 1st, 2013

industry_headlinesAs I look back on this week in the world of Human Resources, there is one strong theme that I just can’t avoid talking about in this post. If you haven’t logged into LinkedIn or surfed any news sites you might have missed the announcement that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, made in regards to Yahoo’s new remote working policy. In the age of SAAS, smart phones and online collaboration software many professionals were surprised by this announcement. It has made national news and brought up many great points for discussion that I would like to share with you.

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