5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of March 29th, 2013

work_life_balanceComing off the momentum of Sheryl Sandberg’s book launch many discussions have been started about work life balance; how does one obtain it, does it actually exist, and how does it relate differently for men versus women in the workforce. The articles I collected this week touch upon the different perspectives around work life balance, so enjoy the read and let us know what your final say is on the topic.

1. “For Work-Life Happiness: Stop Balancing, Start Leaning In” (via forbes.com)

Jan Bruce proposes the idea of shifting focus from balance to momentum. Stating that momentum provides a valuable model for how one can keep their family together with whatever resources they have at the moment.

2. “The End Of 9-5 Made Life More Complicated; Here’s How To Take Control Again” (via fastcompany.com)

In a world that is striving for work life balance, we are also trying to get our grasp on working remotely, multitasking and flexible hours. These new tools and options are now changing the way we coordinate, collaborate and communicate with our peers.

3. “Laura Vanderkam: Problems with work-life balance” (via livingstondaily.com)

In this article, Vanderkam takes the position that discussing work life balancing is actually damaging women’s careers. Learn the background on where the phrase “work-life balance” came from and how you can take back control of your career.

4. “Study: Men and Women Both Stressed About Work-Life Balance” (via usanews.com)

In this study, they explore the current state of time spent between home and at work. They explore the challenges both mothers and fathers face when it comes to guilt and time management.

5. “[VIDEO] The TechCrunch ‘Lean In’ Roundtable, Part 2: Guilt And The Myth Of Doing It All” (via techcrunch.com)

In this video, six professional women from the technology world discuss the theme of “guilt management” and the “myth of doing it all” from the book “Lean In” and how that impacts them in their journey to work life balance.












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