Achievers’ new release provides smart tools for smart companies

After months of development, Achievers is proud to announce our new suite of data-driven reports and analytics. We believe that everything should be made as simple as possible, so we crafted this release to provide the maximum amount of information with the simplest possible interface. Not to brag, but we think we succeeded.

“With Achievers software, and especially our newest release, companies can build their unique culture, decrease employee turnover, and increase employee engagement,” says Razor Suleman, founder and chairman of Achievers. “We want to change the way the world works, so we’re giving our clients a new set of tools to get that done. Social recognition is critical in today’s workplace, and our analytics and manager’s tools make the business case even stronger.”

Take a closer look at the two main components of the new release, Achievers Analytics and Manager’s Corner:

Achievers Analytics

Our new analytics suite is a time-saving, data-driven powerhouse. With the click of a button, access dashboards, KPIs, and our full suite of automated, self-serve reports. Don’t waste any more time struggling with antiquated interfaces—just get in, get what you need, and get back to work.

Manager’s Corner

Managers are critical to business success. A good manager can steer your high-performers into leadership roles, but a bad manager can be the reason top talent resigns. Empower your managers to drive business success by giving them the tools they need to succeed: in-depth information about their employees, visual representations of team collaboration, customized campaigns and reports, and actionable insight to hold their teams—and themselves—accountable for business success.

Learn more about how these key features—analytics, communication, and transparency—can help managers make measurable progress and better decisions that empower, engage, and unleash their talent. Register now for Unlocking the Key to Employee Success: It Starts with High Performing Leaders, a free webinar by Mollie Lombardi, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen Group, and Achievers’ Razor Suleman on Tuesday, March 12 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.