Ask Amelia: Any inexpensive ideas for celebrating Employee Appreciation Week?

employee_engagementIt’s Employee Appreciation Week! What are some last-minute and inexpensive ways to let our employees know we care?

You’re right—Employee Appreciation Week is here! This is a chance to let your employees know that their hard work is not only appreciated but has a significant impact on the company. A company’s success is dependent on their employees so let them know you are grateful to have them on your team. Letting employees know they are appreciated does NOT need to break the bank. Sometimes we forget that a simple “THANK YOU” goes a long way.

Simply acknowledging your employees and the work they do will not go unnoticed. Print fun posters to place throughout the office letting your employees know how much you appreciate the hard work that they do for you. Have managers take one hour or less of their day to sit down and compose handwritten “THANK YOU” notes to employees in their departments. Building on the poster idea, bring in bright and cheery decorations for the office. Who doesn’t enjoy entering an office full of streamers and balloons in the morning? Decorations can also include a candy or sweets left on employees’ desks.

Finally, employees always enjoy a fun celebration with their leaders. Leaders can be on hand to serve coffee one morning or scoop up an ice cream celebration one afternoon. The possibilities are endless for any budget. Have fun and be creative—share your appreciation today! Happy Employee Appreciation Week!