Ask Amelia: How do we integrate employee recognition into our traditional culture?

ask_achieversHi Amelia, I work for a large investment bank. How could we integrate employee recognition into our traditional, hierarchy-based culture?

There is no time like the present to incorporate online thank yous into a traditional metrics-based culture. As an example, some of the most critical—and thankless—roles are in the backend office of the investment institution. Those employees that make deals move and help sell in the market are typically starving for recognition, even though they are the glue of the bank. They make the deal move and the sell happen!

Using a web-based program you can easily recognize hardworkers with low visibility. With the right support and launch, an online recognition tool gives consistency and relevance no matter how large and traditional your company is.

Creating a larger sense of team and ensuring ALL players are recognized is a strategic advantage over your competition.