Ask Amelia: Tips for recruiting A-players?

ask_achieversWe want to fill our open positions with people who will really move the business forward, a.k.a. A-players, but it seems you can only learn so much in the interview process. What tips do you have for recruiting the right candidates?

Great question! We all want to move the business forward and need the most capable talent to do it. First, ask yourself what business are you in and what does moving forward really look like?

For instance, if you need a change agent, then you are looking for someone that exhibits behaviors that can drive results AND influence people. This combination works well for creating and delivering change. If you need top line growth, then you need someone that exhibits an action orientation and can show self-motivation.

More than anything, really think about what behaviors are required to deliver the results you want. From there you can sculpt your questions.

Good luck growing!


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