[Storify] #A_Chat Wrap Up: March 27th, 2013


Below is a collection of tweets from the March 27th, 2013 webinar with David Brennan, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of Achievers.  Thank you for all who listened to the webinar and those who connected with the #A_Chat community on Twitter.

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  1. “Perspective is everything” great slide David! #A_Chat @Achievers
  2. #A_Chat – Perspective IS everything: Who is your Revenue Generating, Revenue Maintenance & Employable Top Talent in your company? #A_CHAT
  3. Revenue Generating, revenue maintenance, overhead. #A_CHAT
  4. #A_Chat : Are people a Cost or an Asset to a Company? You should treat people as an Asset, not just as a cost.
  5. Assets are something you want to invest in / Treat your employees as assets – David Brannon #A_Chat
  6. Turn employee engagement into measurable results #A_Chat
  7. There is a lack of recognizing employees’ impact in the organization #A_Chat
  8. Employee success drives business success…well put! @Achievers #A_Chat
  9. “Without doubt, the head of HR should be the 2nd most important person in the org” via @jack_welch #A_chat
  10. @TimBakerHR(TimBaker,CHRP) Love that statement – nice to know there are people with that view in senior leadership. #A_CHAT
  11. Employee Success drives Business Success…great reminder #A_Chat
  12. Our COO thinks every CEO should! RT @dawngartin: Have you read Winning by Jack Welch? #A_Chat
  13. Employee Engagement = tip of the Employee “Hierarchy of Needs.” Brilliant. @Achievers #A_Chat
  14. Successful businesses are made up of successful people – it makes sense (and dollars) to focus on #EmployeeSuccess. #A_Chat
  15. When you hand someone a check, you have opp to say think you. We’ve lost that opp with direct deposit. #A_Chat
  16. Here’s a little blog I wrote about Maslow and his pyramid ow.ly/jtkzy #A_chat #HRblogs
  17. Tell your CFO and CEO that a “thank you” is free…they’ll like that… #A_Chat