5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of April 26th, 2013

happinessAs we draw near to the end of April showers and anticipate May flowers it reminds me of the rainy times and sunny times that can occur in the workplace in terms of employee happiness.  What is the role that HR plays in sustaining employee happiness? How can you keep all employees “happy” when dealing with a diverse workforce and limited resources? This week’s articles discuss the definition of employee happiness, how to enhance it and how happiness can affect work goals and outcomes.

  1. “Why Positivity is so Essential in the Workplace” (via LinkedIn.com)

Dr. Marla Gottschalk, Industrial & Organizational Psychologist defines the term “psychology capital” and the impact it has on an employee’s work life. The study of positive psychology is revealing evidence that shows how a happy mindset can affect our attitudes as well as our performance.

  1. “The 10 Happiest Cities for Young Professionals” (via forbes.com)

Careerbliss.com collected 45,000 employee generated reviews from young professionals with less than 10 years of experience to determine which cities are the happiest places to work based on ten factors that they believe affects employee happiness. Check out this article to see if you are lucky enough to be in one of these happiest cities.

  1. “Should Employers Try to Make Their Employees Happy or Satisfied?” (via huffingtonpost.com)

This article discusses if an employer should be accountable for an employee’s happiness. Can a workplace really breed happiness or is it the employee’s personality that defines how happy they can be?

  1. “Great Moments in Company Culture: How Happier Avoids the Midweek Slump” (via fastcompany.com)

See a how the cofounder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happier brings her team together to avoid the midweek slump , ensures she gets the most from her employees and keeps them happy all week long.

        5. [INFOGRAPHIC] “What Makes a Happy Worker vs. a Sad Worker?” (via ComplianceandSafety.com)

This Infographic illustrates the impact your happy and sad employees have on your organization.