Analyst Insight: Empower your managers to drive employee success

employee_successBusiness Success may start with Employee Success™, but Employee Success starts with engaged managers.

In its latest report “Empowering Managers to Drive Employee Success,” the Aberdeen Group dives into the manager’s role in employee engagement. The report explores the importance of manager tools in driving success in the workplace. It found that in order to improve business results, managers need solutions to help them understand activity within their team and highlight areas to manage and optimize top talent.

Even so, most talent management solutions are fragmented, offering very little useful data or insight. Aberdeen pointed to Achievers’ latest product launch as the right solution to this pressing problem. The report points to three ways in which Achievers is empowering managers: analytics, integration, and transparency.


With the right analytics, managers will have the right information to make data-driven decisions around their team, such as identifying high-performers. Through easy-to-use, customizable dashboards, managers get the information they need to identify team and individual performance based on recognition information.


A majority of organizations operate with disparate solutions for areas of talent management, workforce management, and core HR. Our new release integrates with all human resource information systems (HRIS) and can help connect these systems with various talent management and workforce management systems in place.


To make the most of human capital management, talent and business leaders must work together to achieve shared objectives and create greater transparency. Achievers software and services help organizations address a wide variety of both talent and business challenges, including improving employee referral programs, increasing company loyalty, addressing the transfer of knowledge between generational groups, and implementing wellness campaigns.

Learn how to give your managers the right tools to drive success. Download the full report now.