[Webinar recap] Using Achievers to drive employee success

employee_successOn March 6, Achievers introduced our latest release to customers and analysts at a live event in our Toronto office. This week, Razor Suleman, Achievers founder and chairman, brought his dynamic presentation to the Internet in part one of a two-part webinar.

Razor gave webinar attendees an in-depth view of updated product features and groundbreaking new capabilities, including Achievers Analytics. Here at Employee Success, we’ve discussed the new product updates before, but we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some aspects Razor shared today that you may have missed.

Dashboards and KPIs

When managers have access to real-time data they can make better decisions. Sometimes we rely too much on instinct, but in large multi-national corporations, instinct may not be properly informed. Achievers latest product release features customizable dashboards with pertinent data to create visibility into personal, team, and company success. The software allows managers to slice data in unique ways and make better people decisions.


According to Josh Bersin, President and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, large companies have an average of seven HR systems in place. Disparate systems make reporting and decision making exceptionally complicated. By connecting the systems, receiving critical data becomes simpler which enhances organizational performance. Achievers integrates into all major HRIS systems, allowing you to enter information in once, preventing the repetitiveness and human error that result from manual reentry. This also allows new employees to be connected with culture, results, and values immediately.

Informed evaluations

Most companies have lengthy tedious evaluation processes. Even so, the results are often biased. Human beings have biased information based on past experiences, personal preference, and perspective. We wanted to let authentic everyday activities feed into the performance review. Achievers’ key performance indicators offer empirical, objective, unbiased data on people’s performance. And not only is it objective and unbiased, it’s automated.

The best managers are the best coaches. Let’s give them the real-time data they need.

Join us on May 22 for Part Two, Achievers’ Latest Product Release: Manager’s Corner. Razor will explain how to analyze, motivate, and build teams effectively using Results Driver, Connections, and My Team tools.

Access Achievers’ Latest Product Release: Drive Employee Success on demand now.