5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of May 10th, 2013

industry_headlinesAs I prepped for the SocialHR Camp UNconference in Vancouver I couldn’t  help but have social media on the brain. I have been reading article after article that speaks to the current relationship between social media and HR, how HR leverages social media and what social media will look like in the future when it comes to the workplace. I collected a handful of my favorite posts from this year that speaks to the HR professional and what they need to know to be social savvy.

  1. “2013: The Year of Social HR” (via forbes.com)

This article set the tone for 2013 when it was published in January; it speaks to the changes that are occurring as social technologies are being integrated into companies and how these are ultimately changing the work flow for HR professionals.

  1. “10 Reasons Social Media Should Rock Your World” (via about.com)

Ten easy tips and tactics you need to spruce up your social media relationships. This article gives you the tools to use social media to better your HR career and build your networks online and offline.

  1. “Top 3 Things Every HR Pro Needs to Know About Social Media Policies” (via TLNT.com)

The first two articles speak to how an HR professional can use social media, while this article speaks to the equally key concerns of what an HR professional needs to know about social media within their organizations and how employees should be trained and guided.

  1. “21 Social Media for HR Tips You Ought to Know” (via theundercoverrecruiter.com)

If you want to build an HR professional brand online there are a few key take-a-ways from this article that cannot be missed. My favorite is “You have to go first”, it sums up the essence of what social media is and what potential there is to jump in feet first.

5. [SLIDESHARE] “Best Practices in HR and Social Media” (via slideshare.net)

This SlideShare by Laurie Ruettimann, SPHR shows the progression of social media within the HR industry and how it is continuing to evolve.