5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of May 23rd, 2013

industry_headlinesAs graduations are commencing and the new workforce is emerging we all seem to have the Gen Y’s and Milliennials on the brain. The collection of articles for this week highlights some unique views in regards to the current Gen Y workforce and the impact the Millennial new grad will have within your organizations. So put on your alma mater colors and enjoy these grad-themed posts!

  1. “Gimme Gimme Gimme – Millennials in the Workplace” (via forbes.com)

With the Millennials and Gen Y-ers now more than half of the workforce and growing, what are your plans to ensure the workplace continues to be ready for them and provides an environment that that will breed success?

  1. “5 Ways Gen Y’ers will save the Workforce” (via comerecommended.com)

Although some may have a negative feeling about the upcoming generations and their place in the workforce this article builds a strong argument on how the traits of the Gen Y’er may just save your company and bring on great success.

  1. “Managers to Millennials: Job interview no time to text” (via usatoday.com)

Are Millennials too casual in interviews to land the job? One in five are known to either take a call or text during an interview. Learn the changes recruiters have been experiencing as they interview new talent.

  1. “PwC survey illustrates importance of evolving career attitudes” (via jersey.isle-news.com)

Discover the new insight PwC has discovered through their ‘NexGen’ survey of 44,000 PwC employees. What are Gen Y and Millennial employees looking for from an employer? Find out what PwC has learned and what they are doing about it.

  1. “3 Odd Ways Some Millennials Sabotage Job Interviews” (via payscale.com)

What are the three things Millennials are doing to ruin their chances at full time employment?  They may be the best thing to happen to your company but if you can’t get them past the first interview you may never get that chance.

What advice would you give new grads trying to land their first job?