5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of June 21st , 2013

Another exciting and educational event this week in Chicago! If you had the pleasure to attend there was no shortage of sessions, parties, and people to connect with at this year’s conference. A few highlights that stand out are Hillary Clinton’s opening keynote on Sunday, Glassdoor’s Tweet Up party featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff at the iconic House of Blues venue, and the buzz at the HIVE, SHRM’s social media hub. Everyone experiences the conference differently and below are a few different perspectives from this year’s conference attendees.

  1. “Closing Thoughts from #SHRM13 – On Becoming More” (via weknownext.com)

This year’s #SHRM13 theme was “Becoming More”. Hear how this theme played out during the conference and how to continue to “become more” when you return back to the office.

2.  “#SHRM13 Day Three: Some Random Observations” (via workforce.com)

This blog post is an interesting view of this year’s conference through the eyes of Ed Frauenheim, and how he observed #SHRM13 by the third day of the 5-day conference.

3.  “Missed #SHRM13? Blogging4job’s Official yet Unofficial Recap!” (via blogging4jobs.com)

This post gives you a detailed, daily rundown of the happenings at #SHRM13. If you were not able to make it to Chicago this year, read this and you might just feel like you were there!

4.  “#SHRM13 – One Heck of a Conference” (via omegasolutions.com)

Mike Haberman gives a great breakdown on each keynote speaker who was at #SHRM13 this year. He discusses Fareed Zakaria, Hillary Clinton, Blake Mycoskie, Dan Pink, and last but not least the closing keynote from Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords.

5.  “#SHRM13 – We’ve Come So Far And Yet…” (via acaciahrsolutions.com)

Great reflection on how in many ways the #SHRM13 conference has made leaps into the future but also how there are still advancements to be made to continue going forward both as a conference and in the HR profession.

I also wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to both Kevin W Grossman and Meghan M Biro for hosting our first ever in-booth HR Executive panel and #Tchat meet up at SHRM 2013. Thank you to everyone who came by our booth and joined in the conversation about the “Class of 2013.” See you all next year for #SHRM14.

Share with us your favorite takeaway from this years’ #SHRM13 conference!