[White paper] Class of 2013: Attract and retain tomorrow’s top talent

hr_trends_and_analyst_findingsIt’s that special time of year where graduation speeches top YouTube and employers gear up for a new wave of applicants. And time for the annual Class of 2013 survey from Achievers and ConnectEDU!

We surveyed over 10,000 recent graduates this year about what they expect from future employers and what they are bringing to the table. Overall, many of the results have been the same year over year, even in surprising areas like expected tenure. Twenty percent of respondents still plan to stay with their first company for ten years or more. This trend has held steady despite the Bureau of Labor Statistics telling us average tenure has held at 1.5 years.

This year, the Millenial conversation has reached a fever pitch, making the TIME cover and warranting (facetious) training videos. But more than anything, our yearly survey tells us that Millennials are inexperienced—just like every generation of recent grads that have come before them—and the “special treatment” they require is a factor of changing technology and workplace expectations seen at all levels.

So it is in you and your company’s best interest to understand where this year’s crop of applicants is coming from and embrace recent graduates like the future leaders they are. Recognize employees, build your employer brand, and create an environment where employee referrals are encouraged and frequent.

How is your company preparing for the Class of 2013? Let us know in the comments!