An unexpected competitive edge: Global rewards and recognition

global employee rewardsWhether your organization is already entrenched globally or on the verge of explosive growth, you realize that business scalability is the difference between failure and success. As your international organization scales, it’s challenging to push through the obstacles that result from expansion, like employee retention and maintaining productivity.

That’s why engaging a global workforce remains a top challenge for employers today. How do you maintain successful growth, and seamlessly align thousands of employees with cultural barriers and geographically dispersed organizational units—to ensure that they continue to positively impact the bottom line?

An effective global rewards and recognition solution helps organizations amplify brilliant employee performance, inspire employees to give discretionary effort that drives results, and ultimately prevail above the competition.

Still not convinced your recognition program needs to be expanded globally? Consider these seven benefits your organization can reap from a global employee recognition program:

  1. Motivates individual employees with specific, meaningful, and timely recognition and rewards
  2. Maximizes team resources, administrative time, and consolidates operational expenses
  3. Creates a recognition-rich culture among a global workforce
  4. Aligns employees to the bigger picture, inspiring them with a purpose greater than themselves
  5. Provides employees with culturally relevant and meaningful rewards
  6.  Abolishes top-down hierarchy by empowering employees to recognize and reward their peers
  7. Fosters knowledge sharing and team collaboration

To learn more about connecting your global workforce through rewards and recognition, download the full complimentary whitepaper today from Achievers.

How does your company foster employee engagement among a widespread workforce?