Ceridian: “Being recognized as one of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ is a jewel in our crown”

Achievers 50 Most Engaged WorkplacesAs Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of Ceridian, John Cardella wants to see his company become the #1 human capital management provider in the world—and he has a plan to make it happen.

As a deep believer in employee engagement, John knows that the way to create business success is to work from the bottom up, so the first step was to recognize and empower his employees. “When we first partnered with Achievers,” John says, “we lacked consistency. Different departments had different recognition strategies, and we needed to provide all employees with an equal opportunity for recognition. We also had no peer-to-peer program in place, and it was important to us that every employee felt empowered to say ‘thank you’ for their teammates’ hard work.”

So Ceridian worked with Achievers to centralize their program and streamline the recognition process, slashing the approval time from five weeks to five seconds. A year after implementing the changes, participation in the program doubled, nearly 22,000 recognitions were sent (that’s an average of 16 recognitions per employee), and engagement scores increased significantly. Before launch, fewer than half of employees agreed with the statement “I receive appropriate recognition (beyond pay and benefits) for my contributions and/or accomplishments.” But in just one year, Ceridian was able to bring those scores up by a whopping 12 percent.

Their success also garnered them a 2011 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ Award, which John refers to as “a jewel in [their] crown.” “We were ecstatic to be named not only as one of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces, but to also earn a spot in the Elite Eight in the category of Leadership,” he says. “Awards such as these go a long way in recruiting new employees to the organization, and are a crucial selling point for our sales team. Potential clients are much more eager to do business with an organization that has highly engaged and motivated employees.”

They received another 50 Most Engaged Workplaces Award in 2012, and are hoping their engagement scores will earn them another prize in 2013. But John isn’t about to rest on his laurels. “We’re consistently evolving this program, making additions, and changing it based on employee feedback. I love to track what works and what doesn’t work; what they’re using, what they’re not using. It’s critical to keep the participation rates up. It’s an evolving process that we constantly have to be on top of.” So far, his dedication to the program seems to be paying off.

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