Ask Achievers: How can I capture employees’ bright ideas?

ask_achieversIn this week’s Ask Achievers, Dwayne Walker, CPA, CA, shares best practices for encouraging employee-inspired organizational improvements. Dwayne is the VP of finance at Achievers and loves the thrill, excitement, and dedication required to take a dynamic, growing company to the next level.

Dear Achievers,

Our team is full of talented individuals with stellar ideas for improving the business, but we haven’t been able to gather them in any organized way. We have a large organization and it is important to me that our employees feel that they are being heard, especially when they are moving the business forward. What tips do you have for making the “suggestion box” process more effective?

We get asked this question quite often by our customers and prospects with respect to engaging employees to bring their ideas to the table for the betterment of the company. When a clear, concise idea program is implemented, management is always extremely impressed with the ideas their employees contribute.

A successful idea program has the following characteristics:

  • Open and available to all employees, not just decision-makers or managers.
  • Encourages cross-departmental, cross-office ideas. At Achievers, our Member Experience team, which deals with member inquiries, has come up with great software improvements that have been implemented on the platform.
  • Embraces innovation. An idea program should attempt to push the envelope.
  • Scalable. Ensure your program won’t be an administrative burden as your organization and volume of ideas grow.
  • Recognizes and rewards those sharing their ideas.

At Achievers we have a module called Bright Ideas built into our Employee Successsoftware that allows employees to submit ideas for innovation, improvements, and “the next great thing.” Bright Ideas tracks submissions and rewards those employees whose ideas are successfully implemented.

When you formalize and support idea submissions and create an incentive for employees to contribute, you set up your organization—and employees—for success!


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