Ask Achievers: Best practices for inspiring your employees to stay longer

ask_achieversThis week, Cheryl Kerrigan shares her insights for decreasing a troubling rate of voluntary turnover in today’s tough talent market. Cheryl is the Director of Employee Success for Achievers, where she oversees the brand’s strategic HR initiatives that focus on employee engagement and performance management, including recruiting, retaining, and inspiring A-Players.

Dear Achievers,

My company has a great culture–we consider our team to be actively engaged and happy at work for the most part. Yet, we’ve noticed an unsettling increase in voluntary turnover, despite our awesome environment! What gives? How can I get our retention numbers back up to best-in-class standards?

Have you considered conducting “stay interviews?” Instead of waiting for employees to leave and conduct the typical exit interviews, why not take the opportunity to ask why they stay, what is going well, and how to take things from good to great? Better yet, get your managers involved and start having these conversations on a regular basis. Has something changed recently in your environment to cause the spike in turnover? Start asking the big questions and see what the responses are–then craft your “stay strategies” to get your retention levels back to best-in-class!

Don’t stop there! Check out even more best practices to help you increase retention and inspire your employees, starting with this on-demand webinar, The Real Reason Employees Leave.

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