[Webinar] Engage your multi-generational workforce and inspire a new wave of business success

Gartner_logoWorkforces at top-tier companies are becoming younger, more social, and less employer-loyal by the day. For these organizations, achieving business goals is about more than just employee tenure and traditional Years-of-Service awards. In order to succeed in today’s competitive talent market, best-in-class organizations are utilizing technologies that recognize their employees’ valuable contributions, encourage them to work harder and smarter, and best of all, make them happier at work.

Research shows that multifaceted employee rewards and recognition programs help organizations reach their business goals by better aligning their employees with company culture and motivating them by celebrating their individual success. It makes sense, right? Driving better business results and inspiring successful employees has everything to do with employee engagement. Rewarding employees just for showing up isn’t enough anymore.

Organizations that are ahead of the curve and have embraced new social-enabled technologies are already seeing improved business results, like reduced turnover, fewer safety violations and sick days taken, improved performance and quality of work, and increased customer satisfaction, operating margins, and revenues.

So how can you inspire your employees to give that extra 10 percent? Find out by registering for our next webinar, in partnership with Gartner, Beyond Employee Engagement: How Employee Success Drives Business Success. Join Yvette Cameron, Research Director at Gartner, as she shares the latest research revealing how a new generation of technologies not only reshape traditional approaches to performance management, employee referrals, and other talent initiatives, but also align recognition and rewards initiatives with company culture, driving employee success and greater business results.

Beyond Employee Engagement: How Employee Success Drives Business Success will take place November 5 at 11AM PDT/2PM EDT. Register now!

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