Ask Achievers: Encouraging collaboration to achieve better business results

ask_achieversThis week, Jewel Celestine shares best practices for encouraging teams to work together in a fast-paced environment. Jewel is the Employee Success Business Partner at Achievers, where she develops and implements strategic HR initiatives pertaining to employee engagement and performance management.

Dear Achievers,

I work on a quickly-growing team with several different divisions that all depend on each other for our success. However, as we continue to grow at such a fast pace, my coworkers are more and more likely to work in silos, instead of working together. I know we could have better results if everyone just worked together, but I can’t seem to motivate them to make it happen. How do I get them to collaborate without forcing them into a conference room?

Here are some best practices for encouraging collaboration in your workplace:

  • Have transparency in decision making and encourage everyone’s input and feedback
  • Align their respective team goals
  • Highlight the benefits of collaborating to each team member by emphasizing what’s in it for each department
  • Map out interdependent processes and streamlining process/eliminating redundancies/repetition
  • Reward and publicly recognize accomplishment of team goals
  • Hold teambuilding initiatives so they view themselves as an interdependent team
  • Encourage open spaces/open office environment and open communication, and provide dedicated collaboration workspaces
  • Have shared forums for communication and sharing knowledge & information, like Chatter
  • Encourage regular cross-departmental team meetings for brainstorming and to resolve issues

Collaboration is key as your company continues to grow – make sure you’re keeping teamwork top of mind, and you will reap the benefits in business results!

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