Are your employees invisible? Bersin by Deloitte explains how to give employees a voice

social_reputationEven in our world of constant connections, which has made just about everything more easily shareable than ever before, knowledge in the workplace is all too often relegated to individuals’ own locations, silos, or even their own desks. Without communicating collective insights, organizations are missing out on an important potential competitive advantage – the experience and ideas of their employees. In order to maximize workplace success, employees’ skillsets and accomplishments must be made visible to the rest of the company, allowing for collaboration and the building of ideas.

Internal reputation networks increase visibility of individual employees, connecting their knowledge to their co-workers and allowing for unheard voices to have an impact. Providing an easily-accessible network for your organization helps to increase collaboration, motivate further performance, and improve workplace fluidity.

Here are the top three reasons to implement internal reputation networks:

  1. Internal networks provide a forum for knowledge-sharing. An online network gives employees the opportunity to share key insight and best practices with the rest of the organization, increasing the reach of that knowledge and inspiring other employees to continue their own development. Ideas are no longer contained to employees’ own silos, but rather spread through the organization in a way that encourages individuals to expand on that knowledge, work with each other, and heightens employee engagement.
  2. They deliver a timeline of accomplishments. With online networks, employees can amplify the reach of their accomplishments by broadcasting their wins and achievements on their reputation page. Even “unsung heroes” can highlight their accomplishments in a public way, allowing managers and peers to have a better understanding of top performers and provide recognition accordingly.
  3. They encourage recognition that enforces the right behaviors. Now that accomplishments are in a public space, employees have the opportunity to thank and recognize their teammates for completed goals and wins that contribute to the company’s  success, that they may otherwise not have had the chance to call out, inspiring continued performance and increasing employee engagement.

Increasing individual visibility isn’t about bragging – it’s about amplifying your company’s top performers’ experience, knowledge bases, and accomplishments, encouraging collaboration and recognition, which overall increases productivity and employee engagement. Learn even more about implementing an internal reputation network, as well as best practices for making one work for your company, with our latest Analyst Insight, Why reputations and networks matter in the open talent economy.

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