Gartner Report: Triumph over disengagement

“Triumph Over Disengagement” featuring Gartner’s research on the latest insights on social employee recognition programs

Achievers_Gartner_Blog_500x500The latest Achievers Newsletter, “Triumph Over Disengagement: Improve Engagement with Recognition,” featuring Gartner research, provides deep insight into the changing landscape of employee reward and engagement programs. Based on the proliferation of emerging technologies, HR and business leaders have begun to see a migration from traditional reward programs to “social-enabled technologies that support pay-for-performance strategies and align recognition and reward initiatives with company and brand culture.”

The article cites recent research that supports the growing popularity of and need for social employee recognition technology, as well as the benefits of new social employee recognition programs that make use of newer technologies such as social, mobile, information and cloud technology over old-school strategies:

“The fundamental shift driving these new social reward and recognition programs is the acknowledgement that regular recognition and feedback drive employee engagement and employee success, which in turn propels customer success and improve business outcomes. As a result, the market for social recognition and reward systems is a rapidly growing category.”

“Triumph Over Disengagement” also highlights the advantages of increased employee engagement that can result from the use of social recognition technology, such as:

–          21% higher productivity

–          22% higher profitability

–          41% higher quality

–          48% fewer safety incidents

–          37% reduced absenteeism

In addition, the newsletter provides recommendations for organizations that are looking to improve employee engagement with social recognition programs, including personalization of strategies, cultural readiness evaluation, and risk aversion.

Discover the advantages of implementing a social-enabled employee recognition program by downloading “Triumph Over Disengagement: Improve Engagement with Recognition” today!


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