Recruit and Retain Class of 2014

Four Secrets to Recruiting and Retaining the Class of 2014

Millennials are driven, motivated, and more educated than any other group in history – and this year’s graduating class marks a critical time for employers. Businesses have the power to engage smart and energized people and help them cultivate their skills to become the company’s greatest asset.

What can employers do to ensure that the bright and energized class of 2014 will want to work for them? Here are four secrets revealed.

Promote Corporate Culture

Marketing isn’t just for your products. Promote your positive company culture as a way of boosting your corporate brand and ensuring that new grads know that your company is a great place to work. Attract the right people by publicizing your organization’s objectives. Graduates are eager to make an impact, and they want to know that they are going to work for a great organization that will allow them to apply and develop their skills.

Implement a Referral Program

Even in the world of LinkedIn and Twitter, a firm handshake still goes a long way. The Class of 2014 is no different from prior graduates – they’re tapping into their networks to talk directly to employers. Consider implementing a program or adopting a technology that allows your current employees to refer candidates. This is how the next-generation talent pool wants to be recruited, and it will help your organization find the right people faster and at a lower cost.

Managerial Training

Yes, the Class of 2014 just finished school. However, they still have a lot to learn, and this is why managers need to have the right training to effectively coach their employees. New grads have ranked career advancement and salary as the top factors that influence their decision to take a job in previous years, but this year, the Class of 2014 also included training and mentorship in the top three factors. Ensure that managers are giving timely, meaningful feedback, that they have a system to recognize employees, and that they have the right training to coach their teams. Millennials understand that mentoring is critical to their success and career advancement, so make sure that they have leaders that can guide them.

Understand your Skills Gap

The economy is in recovery mode, and the Class of 2014 is rightfully optimistic about finding work. And while this is great news for new grads, the truth is that there will be a shortage of approximately 6 million skilled workers in the US this year for employers. With experienced Baby Boomers retiring, businesses may experience a lag in leadership. Organizations need to evaluate where gaps may occur in order to make sure people with the right knowledge and skills are there to properly train and coach Millennials.

Every organization needs to ensure a smooth succession, and this means planning to recruit and engage Millennials. Interested in finding out more about recruiting and retaining the Class of 2014? Download our whitepaper here.

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