Achievers ACE 2014

Don’t have ACE FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!) 5 Reasons to Attend

Registration is now open for the 5th Achievers Customer Experience (ACE) taking place this September 9-10th in Toronto. Here are five reasons why you do not want to miss the employee success event of the year–and how to avoid ACE FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!

Five reasons to attend:

  1. Epic keynotes that will engage and inspire you
  2. Sneak peak of our latest release and the best Employee Success Platform™
  3. Plenty of networking time and opportunities to connect
  4. A fun filled social event that you don’t want to miss—and will never forget
  5. Taking advantage of summer in Toronto!

We hope to see you in September (and that you avoid ACE FOMO at all costs)! Take advantage of the early bird rate and register today.




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