LinkedIn Recruiting for Millennials

3 tips for recruiting Millennials through LinkedIn

by Melanie Savas, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Now that Millennials are becoming one of the biggest talent pools in the US workforce, organizations are realizing they need new and innovative ways to attract Gen Y candidates, employing both active and passive techniques. This generation brings a new list of requests to potential employers, including top-of-the-line technology, a wider array of benefits, more frequent feedback, growth opportunities, and flexibility. Most importantly, they want to do work that feels meaningful.

Tech-savvy Millennials rely heavily on social media to find the companies that can meet their needs. LinkedIn in particular is seen as a go-to source for professional job listings and employer research. If you want to compete in the war for Millennial talent, you’ll need to refine both your employer branding and your LinkedIn recruiting strategies.


You can start by ensuring your LinkedIn content engages Millennials seeking connection. Revitalize your company profile by highlighting your benefits, company culture, career paths, and how each role contributes to the company’s goals. Solicit employees to talk about their day-in-the-life experiences at your company in video format. Post compelling job descriptions that detail what the candidate would be doing on a daily basis. Include soft skills to attract Gen Yers who may be lighter on experience — think curiosity, critical thinking, self-motivation, and tenacity.


Ongoing engagement is critical to remaining relevant and on the cutting edge of trends. Check your newsfeed and post content during regular working hours, when LinkedIn engagement is highest. Post when you’ll be attending local events and invite others to meet you. Join relevant industry groups and take part in organic conversations. Work with your marketing team to make sure your company is producing articles that position the organization as a thought leader. Connect with industry contacts to expand your network. Finally, don’t forget to engage your current employees. Notify them when new jobs are posted and encourage them to share and submit referrals.


Take advantage of the robust tools and resources LinkedIn offers to achieve the best recruiting results:

Consider posting a sponsored job to attract up to 50 percent more targeted candidates.

Search for candidates by companies, contacts, groups, schools, and interests.

Leverage shared connections to request introductions.

Join the same groups as candidates to connect individually.

Reach out to candidates via InMail and highlight what you have in common, such as a shared contact, company, school, group, or interest.

Review candidates’ profiles and look for level of detail, status updates, groups, endorsements, and recommendations.

Review data analytics to understand where your top Millennial candidates are coming from and where they’ll go when they leave your organization.

Optimize your company page’s SEO rankings by including relevant keywords.

Share jobs via your status updates, groups, and InMail network. Explain what makes the job unique and ask everyone to share the posting. Don’t forget to do the same on your company’s blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn to reach a Millennial audience can put your organization ahead of the curve in attracting and hiring top talent from this generation.


Melanie SavasMelanie Savas is the Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Achievers, where she’s responsible for recruiting top talent for Achievers across North America, and partnering with hiring managers to strategically grow the business.

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